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June 24, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Hyatoga, Part II



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Upon the death of the stud horse Hyatoga, his owner, John C. Harris of Orange County, promised eager horse breeders on the south side of the James River that Hyatoga’s brother would eventually be available as a substitute. In a postscript to Harris’ description of Hyatoga’s death was published in the following in the Virginia Argus:

To the citizens of the counties in which Hyatoga had commenced his stands this season, Charlotte, Buckingham, Prince Edward &c.


I make the most serious acknowledgments to you for your most liberal encouragement of my late horse Hyatoga, who had commenced a season among you. I am sincerely sorry that our expectations have been so disappointed, and I regret that it is out of my power to let my other Hyatoga come and take the stance of his Brother, agreeably to the pressing requests of many of you, in consequence of his having met with the most liberal patronage in this part of Va. Next spring, however, he will make a season, & take the stance of his Brother. You may rely on seeing as fine a horse as the other. He is thought by most judges, who have seen both, to move in a stile superior, and to be of equal form and superior size of his age. He is a beautiful Chestnut Sorrel, with white mane and tail, full 16 hands high. He paces with great speed and elegance, and with great ease to his rider.

I am Gentlemen your obdt. Servt.


Willow Grove, Orange, May 1st 1816.

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