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September 16, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Mysteries: Perkins’ Falls

Courtesy James River Association.

Slate River Ramblings reader Randy Crouse has solved the location of Perkins’ Falls, an early recommendation for an inlet from Buckingham County to the James River and Kanawha Canal.

Click on the following links to catch up on the excitement in 1844:

Buckingham County: An Inlet at Perkins’ Falls, Part I

Buckingham County: Rebuttals to an Inlet at Perkins’ Falls, Part I


Randy Crouse determined the following:

Perkins’ Falls (of James River) is located between Scottsville and Warren at these coordinates: 37°45’27.1″N 78°30’47.9″W (37.757538, -78.513296). This is directly opposite from Hatton’s Ferry, on the James River a few miles upstream from Scottsville where Rt. 625 comes to the river. It is 2.25 river miles downstream from Warren.

Participants in the annual James River Batteau Festival know it well and the falls are featured in the event’s brochure.

Author Bruce Ingram wrote this warning in his James River Guide: “Just opposite James River runners is Perkins Falls, a Class I to II rapid. Take the left-of-center passage, and be sure to work the pool below Perkins.”

Follow these links to learn more:

James River Batteau Festival

James River Guide at Google Books

Many thanks, Randy, for chasing down the exact location of Perkins’ (or Perkins) Falls.


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  1. Joanne Yeck / Sep 17 2019 3:14 pm


    Follow this link to find a post about Physic Springs:

    Also, I mention the property several times in my book, “At a Place Called Buckingham,” Volume Two.


  2. Toni Mitchell / Sep 17 2019 3:00 pm

    Have you done any history on physic Springs? It’s located at or about 931 physic Springs road have heard that people would travel to here for the mineral springs

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