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November 25, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Post Offices, Part III

Tucker store and post office, 2019. Photo by Jeremy Winfrey.*

In the 19th century, rural post offices were typically located at stores and mills, which often provided mini service centers for a “neighborhood” of farms.

Tucker store and post office was located near Sharps Creek close to the house known as Millbrook which was built by Randolph Jefferson’s son, Robert Lewis Jefferson, and later owned by his son, Elbridge G. Jefferson.

The post office at Tucker appears to be comparatively short-lived. Beginning in June 1890, Ida M. Baber was postmistress. In June 1919, Addie Baber failed to qualify for the job and the mail was rerouted to Diana Mills, effective 31 December 1919.

Today, the remains of the store are slowly disintegrating, leaving an evocative ghost of a once bustling business.

How Tucker got its name is currently a mystery. Does a Slate River Ramblings reader know anything about the Tucker behind the store’s name? If so, please comment below.

Coming Next: Buckingham County Post Offices, Part IV

* Since this post, Jeremy Winfrey has learned that this structure was known as the “Greene Davis house.”  The Tucker Post Office was on Sharps Creek Rd, near the small Baber family cemetery.

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