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December 26, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Incident At Sharon Baptist Church

Buckingham County: Sharon Baptist Church

Sharon Baptist Church.


In August of 1899, “Artificer” reported an unsettling incident at Sharon Baptist Church in the Appomattox and Buckingham Times:

The protracted meeting which began at Sharon Baptist Church on Sunday, the 13th instant, closed on Friday afternoon. There was such a large crowd present on Sunday — the first day — that not more than half could get seats, although the church is one of the largest in the county. A lot of young man came up from Arvonia with a good supply of whiskey, beer, etc., which they kept in a wagon near the church, and they proceeded to have a “big time,” as they called it. Several fist-fights occurred in the evening, and there came near being a general row. One of the young man from Arvonia drew a pistol, which was at once taken from him by a constable. Three of the party were arrested, and had a hearing on Saturday before Justice R. J. Nuckolls at Diana Mills. They were fined $5, $20, and $25, respectively. They were represented by Mr. Henry D. Flood, who took an appeal to the county court.

It seems that even some men who display good sense in other respects have not yet learned that the church is no place to drink liquor. It is a sin and shame that young man are often seen at church under the influence of liquor; nevertheless, it is true.

It was an interesting decision to withhold the names of the young men, perhaps protecting the reputation of their families, who might have been members of Sharon Baptist Church.

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