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January 13, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: Egbert Bolling Winfrey, Part III

The George H. Winfrey family, c. 1895. Courtesy of the Winfrey family.


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Tributes written at the death of Egbert Bolling Winfrey make it clear that he was a remarkable young man. His brother, Rev. E. W. Winfrey wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Herald [probably The Religious Herald]:



Editors Herald, — We cannot so much as acknowledge, severally, the letters and other tokens of sympathy and condolences we are now receiving. With crushed and aching hearts we gratefully appreciate every evidence of tender interest. My brother’s character and life were truly noble richly worthy [of] all the tears and praises that have now followed him to the grave. He who took him is He who gave. Last Sunday morning, my own congregation were as tearful and solemn as if his lifeless form had been lying in the coffin before them. Oh, that we may learn to be still in the hand of God, our loving, All wise, faithful Father.

E. W. Winfrey.

Culpepper, Va., May 21, 1891

And this exuberant lament was written by J. C. Willis:

E. B. Winfrey

A brilliant meteor shot through the heavens illuminating the path of life, which many saw and were induced to walk there in and is gone. How sad to have so bright a luminary thus suddenly disappear! The mind goes back and reviews with pleasure its career though limited. How suddenly he bursted forth as though springing out of the ground! That thoughtful brow, veiled under a benignant countenance! Those burning words; the eruption of a heart convulsed by the love of Christ! That imperious zeal that failed to recognize the frailty of the physical frame! That confiding manner, even more than willing to have its defects pointed out! That inquiring mind ever seeking to find out more of Jesus and his word. That whole man a fire with the gospel! Brother, thy work is done, and doubtless when the veterans, with their sheaves, shall pass in review before the judge, a crown of glory will be pressed upon thy brow, and every jewel will reflect the image and glory of Jesus. How the hearts of those who heard his sweet gospel sermons at Waller’s, Zoar, Wilderness, Flat Run, Bethany, and other places are saddened at the thought that we shall see and hear him no more in the flesh! Mysterious providence: that the young, bright, promising and efficient soldier should be retired from service, while the old, worn-out, enfeebled and to human eyes, inefficient are retained! It is the Lord’s doing, and we should bow with submission to the will of Him who cannot err. He had invited this writer to be present and assist in his ordination next summer; but the Lord has ordained him to a higher sphere, in that land where no pulsation of the heart marks the steps of life or the ravages of disease, but the throbbings of love mark the duration of eternal life, where the Saints will vie in casting their crowns at Jesus’s feet. Parents, brothers, sisters; yea, all of us, the pleasures of that occasion will more than compensate for all the sorrow and loss we sustain in bidding adieu to a faithful servant of God.

J. C. Willis.

Indiantown, May 20, 1891

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