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January 27, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Baptist Church, Part II

Buckingham Baptist Church Historic Marker. Photo by Joanne Yeck.


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In 1959, Lulie Patteson contributed a lengthy article to Charlottesville’s Daily Progress concerning the long history of Buckingham Baptist Church, highlighting the contribution of its pastor Rev. Renee Chastain, writing:

When Buckingham church was organized, Renee Chastain was called its first pastor. We are not told if he preached a “trial” sermon or not. If you did, it must’ve been one of great power, for he served as its pastor for 53 years. Cumberland, Providence and Mulberry Grove also later came under his care.

This stalwart little flock numbered twenty-nine whites and four Negroes. Their names on the church role were as follows: Renee Chastain and w; (note the small “w” for wife, and the husband’s name in capitals!!); Wm. Anderson and w.; Seth Corson and w.; William Johnston; John Epperson, George Epperson; Thomas Holland and Stephen Garrett; John Acers and w.; Robert Huddleston and w.; Henry Baker; James Ford and Philip Vest; Benjamin Goss and Benjamin Bristo; Wm. Peasley, John Arnold, Hannah Hudgin, Sarah Wheeler and Lettice Hammond; and several other names that are blurred.

Miss Patteson goes on to remind us that during the time that Rev. Chastain was pastor of Buckingham Church, Baptists were persecuted by both civil and religious authorities in Virginia. William Webber, in Chesterfield County, was jailed for preaching the gospel. Webber invited Rev. Chastain to baptize his converts. And, despite being given orders to the contrary, Chastain honored Webber’s request.

Coming next: Buckingham Baptist Church, Part III


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  1. Joanne Yeck / Jan 27 2020 4:57 pm


    I would think it was early 1720s. See the previous post, “Buckingham Baptist Church, Part I.”


  2. Kathy Huddleston / Jan 27 2020 3:00 pm

    Does it give any indication of the date on that church roll?

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