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February 3, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Baptist Church, Part IV

Rev. William Harris Taylor (4 August 1811-24 October 1889).

Courtesy George Cauble.


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Buckingham County historian Lulie Patteson was fortunate that records from Buckingham Baptist Church’s earliest years survived into the twentieth century and no doubt relied on them for her article, “Old Church in Buckingham Still Stands as Lighthouse of Gospel,” published in 1959 in The Daily Progress.

She concluded her history by discussing the long career of Rev. William Harris Taylor, known to his congregation as “Uncle Taylor.” Like Rev. Chastain before him he serves the church for an impressive forty-one years. Miss Patteson wrote:

“Uncle Taylor”, as the pastor following Smith was called by his congregation, was greatly beloved. He was born and raised a short distance from Buckingham church and was baptized into the membership of Enon Church when he was 30 years of age. He died, while pastor on Oct. 24, 1887. . . .

Enon Baptist Church, Courtesy Historic Buckingham.

Fifty-three, 37 and 41 — an aggregate of 130 years in three pastorates. What a record of congenial relationship and what a beautiful spirit of mutual satisfaction must have existed between pastors and people. Surely Buckingham church may well be proud of its pastoral record as well as those who have gone forth from its membership to bear witness to the Christian training received within its walls. It may be that Renee Chastain, from his unmarked grave on the neighboring hillsides, watches over the “cloud of witnesses”, who have looked down on those “who now run with patience, the race set before us”.

Following in Lulie Patteson’s footsteps, Mary Bondurant Warren transcribed fragmentary minutes and marriage records written by Rev. René Chastain, included in her book, Buckingham County, Virginia Church and Marriage Records 1764-1822, which is available online at New Papyrus Publishing Company.


Thanks to Phil James for sharing Lulie Patteson’s article.

For more about Rev. Taylor, click here Buckingham Notable: Rev. William H. Taylor

For more about Buckingham Baptist Church and Rene Chastain, search the archives at Slate River Ramblings and enjoy the results!

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