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February 17, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Churches: Concord Baptist Church


Concord Baptist Church. Courtesy Historic Buckingham.

According to Margaret A. Pennington and Lorna S. Scott, authors of “The Courthouse Burned —“, Concord Baptist Church was founded in 1850, established on land given by Hugh and Henry Gill’s grandfather, and served the community around Sheppards in Buckingham County. Much of the lumber was donated by members and prepared at local, pit sawmills. Pennington and Scott noted, “The first church was divided into two rooms. Blacks worshiped in the north room while whites worshiped in the South room. After the war, the partition was removed and the black people built the church of their own.”

In 1895, Rev. R. B. Boatwright served as pastor as well as at Buckingham, Cedar, and Enon Baptist churches. In 1953, the original building burned. It was replaced with the new brick church, which still serves the community.

In 1899, one member of Concord Baptist Church, George R. Davis, ran into trouble with the law. Click here for details: 1899: George R. Davis Arrested.


Learn more about the church today at their website: Concord Baptist Church.


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