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April 6, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Houses: Travelers Rest, Part II

Travelers Rest. Courtesy Richard Nicholas.


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In 1937, when Garnett Williams surveyed Travelers Rest for the Virginia Historical Inventory, she had little to say about its historic significance, writing:

William Horsley, the first settler at “Travelers Rest”, came over from Warminster Wilshire, England.

Nancy Spencer, a granddaughter of William Horsley, married Charles Yancey. Charles Yancey fought in the War of 1812 and was a Major. He was called the “wheel horse” of the Democracy, and serve to stay in the Legislature for 32 years. He was also Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Virginia.

The architectural description in the survey indicated the house was in good condition, including the preservation of its wide original floors with handmade nails. The mantels were high and simply carved. Mrs. Williams noted both old-fashioned brass and iron locks were still on the doors. The stairway was “very simple.”

The overall impression was that the dwelling house at Travelers Rest was designed to be comfortable rather than a showplace.


According to the “Yancey Family Genealogy” website:

“Travelers Rest” was owned by Major Charles Yancey during the early 1800’s. Major Yancey was one of the most prominent citizens of Buckingham County in the early 1800’s. Travelers Rest was called such, because it was located on the James River — the rivers being the main transportation highways of the time, with ferries bringing travelers that would stay at the place over-night or until they continued on their journey. Major Yancey and his wife are buried in the Yancey/Holman (sic) cemetery on the premises.


To learn more about Charles Yancey, click here: Buckingham Notables: Charles Yancey


Coming Next: Buckingham County Houses: Travelers Rest, Part III


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  1. Joanne Yeck / Apr 8 2020 5:26 am


    Many thanks for your comments. Have fun investigating the Yancey family!


  2. Judy Kiilehua / Apr 7 2020 1:05 pm

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Joanne. It opened up a whole neglected part of my connection to Buckingham through the Dumas Yancey families. Lots of interesting stories there!

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