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April 16, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Jones Graveyard at Travelers Rest (Toga), Part I

“The Jones Graveyard.” Virginia Historical Inventory. Courtesy Library of Virginia.

As is often the case with the naming of Virginia plantations and farms, there was more than one Travelers Rest in Buckingham County.

In 1937, Elizabeth McCraw of Andersonville surveyed “The Jones Graveyard” for the Virginia Historical Inventory. This spot was located 2.6 miles south of Toga on Rt. 24, then 1.4 miles east on a private road.

Mrs. McCraw noted, “This graveyard is on an estate known as ‘Travelers Rest’ and from data secured this place antidates the other ‘Travelers Rest’ near Warminster, in Buckingham County.” The dwelling house on the place was long gone and, in 1937, the land and hunting rights were owned by the Blue Ridge Hunt Club. The timber was the property of the “Lumber Company.” The graveyard remained in the family and J. L. Jones was in charge.

The property may have been owned by Michael Jones as early as 1776. Because Jones served in the Revolutionary War, Mrs. McCraw concluded that “he certainly must’ve resided here as early as 1775 or before.” She found no evidence concerning his arrival in Buckingham County.

Today, genealogists refer to him as Michael Jones, Jr., son of Michael and Ann Jones. He was born in Bedford County (now Campbell County) on July 5, 1750 and married Leanna (Dibrell). He was the father of William Dibrell Jones and the grandfather of Louis Dibrell Jones (1837-1911).

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Coming next: Jones Graveyard at Travelers Rest, Part II

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