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April 30, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Houses: William D. Jones, Part I

“William D. Jones House.” Virginia Historical Inventory. Courtesy Library of Virginia.

In 1937, Elizabeth McCraw surveyed the former home of William Dibrell Jones for the Virginia Historical Inventory. Located at New Store in Buckingham County, William Dibrell Jones owned this property from 1818 to 1875, which was then passed to his son, L. D. Jones, and then to his heirs.

Mrs. McCraw described the house as follows:

This house close to the highway has the marks of the fine old house that it once was. The yard, while neglected, shows some of the old trees and the marks of the old flower beds.

This old house with its main part two and a half stories and the wings only one and a half stories each, is framed with beautiful beaded weatherboarding, smooth and well finished. On approaching one notices the different size windows on the front, the upper sash having only six panes of glass while the lower has nine. There is no porch. Two unusually large stones for steps are in front of the entrance. Double doors with transom, lead into the hallway, from which a two flight stairway leads to the second floor. The small square newels and balusters to the stairway and the paneled wainscoting are noticeable in the hall. The rooms are all large and beautifully finished with wainscoting and picture molding on the plaster walls. The six panel doors with large iron locks and small brass knobs are noticeable. All of the old mantles except one, have been removed; this is a very plain type. There are large closets and fireplaces in each room.

Coming next: Buckingham Houses: William D. Jones, Part II

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