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June 27, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Book News: Buckingham County’s Allen Family

I am happy to announce that Don Allen has published his genealogy and family history of the Allen family who settled the York and James rivers. Don and I both descend from William Allen, born about 1692, possibly in Charles City County, Virginia and his second wife, Mary Hunt, born 1720.

In the mid-18th century, William Allen migrated west along the James River to settle in what was then Albemarle County and later became Buckingham County. He patented land in the Slate River-Hunts Creek area and was chosen to oversee the building of the new courthouse complex at Scott’s Landing when Albemarle County was established in 1744. Fortunately for Allen family researchers, William Allen’s 1752 last will, recorded in Albemarle County, survives, offering many clues to what became his Buckingham County family and property.

Some of his many descendants, intermarried with my Chambers and Harris families, spreading out across northern Buckingham.

Don’s book is available at Amazon. Click here for more information:

Colonial Allen Families Along the James and York Rivers Of Virginia: The Most Inhabited Part of Virginia

Priced at an affordable $10.00, all proceeds from this publication will be used to purchase new DNA kits to further research of this Allen family.


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  1. Jordan Lee Allen / Nov 25 2022 9:38 pm

    My name is Jordan Lee Allen. I have traced back my roots and believe I also am a descendant of William Allen. I have ordered your book and would love to talk more in depth with you if possible. I know Lee is a family name as well.

  2. Ted Kinker / Jun 27 2020 1:25 pm

    I have used the following references to determine my Allen lineage. THE ALLEN FAMILY of England, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Illinois 1600-1995 The Descendants of Captain William Allen and his wives, Hannah Watson and Mary Hunt Minge by Richard Fenton Wicker, Jr. and of course Allen Family Notes by Joanne Yeck (Thank You Cousin) (30 June 2018). Today, I bought Colonial Allen Families Along the James and York Rivers Of Virginia: The Most Inhabited Part of Virginia by Allen, Donald Lee. I am in hopes that the information will assist me in proving with the Jamestowne Society: Allen, William – A106; Henry Throgmorton’s Plantation: 1629 (Burgess).

    • Joanne Yeck / Jun 27 2020 1:55 pm


      Please let us know if you find new Allen connections in Don’s book!


      • Ted Kinker / Jun 27 2020 2:57 pm

        Will do. Looking forward to it. Hopefully I have connected correctly from William Allen (1630- Bef. 12 Nov 1677) to my Great Grandmother, Martha Elizabeth “Pattie” Scruggs (1848-1902):
        William Allen 1630-Bef. 12 Nov 1677 8th Great Grandfather
        William Allen Jr. 1671-1713 7th Great Grandfather
        William Allen III 1692-1752 6th Great Grandfather
        George Hunt Allen 1734-1778 5th Great Grandfather
        John Allen 1767-1795 4th Great Grandfather
        George Hunt Allen 1793-1825 3rd Great Grandfather
        Mary Ann Allen 1817-1852 2nd Great Grandmother
        Martha Elizabeth “Pattie” Scruggs 1848-1902 Great Grandfather

  3. Donald Allen / Jun 27 2020 10:11 am

    My many thanks for your announcement of my new book. Your comments and embellishments were well put. Thank you for your friendship. I have enjoyed all of your books and look forward to many more. Regards, Don Allen


    • Joanne Yeck / Jun 27 2020 12:48 pm

      Thanks, Don, for your kind words. My copy of your new book should arrive any day!


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