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September 17, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute 1857, Part II

Caroline Baker (Ellett) Littlepage with Lucy Littlepage, by John Toole (1815-1860).

Courtesy Louise Eichhorn Schroede and Virginia Historical Society.


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On July 5, 1857, Caroline Littlepage continued preparations to depart for Buckingham County and the Female Institute. Daughters Pigeo & Nannie were sent to stay with their Aunt Rose while Caroline was away from Woodbury. Still torn about leaving, Caroline wrote, “I feel quite sad at parting with them.”

The following day, she finally left for Buckingham County, writing:

Monday, 6th July, 1857

We have an early breakfast & the Maj. [Caroline’s husband] accompanies Hardie & myself to the C.H. to take the Stage to Richmond. Mary, Hardie & myself left about eight o’clk, had quite a nice time going over the day being so pleasant. Arrived in Richmond about five or four o’clk. Saw Mr. Wilson & ordered some groceries, then purchased a hat for Baker & took the packet boat, little before five, boat very much crowded. Mrs. Dick refused to give me that back seat in the Stage, very much to the chagrin of Mr. Northern.

Caroline’s traveling companions were her son, Hardin Beverly Littlepage, and her eldest daughter, Mary, who does not continue with them to Buckingham County.

Bibb Edwards wrote this about “Hardie”:

Lewis and Caroline called him Hardie. Probably named for his deceased paternal grandfather, Hardin Beverly Littlepage was born 8 March 1841. The seventh of their children and the fifth son, Lewis and Caroline probably chose his nickname to distinguish him from the other nearby Hardin Littlepages. Captain Hardin Littlepage (1810-1879), Lewis’ brother, lived next door at Aspen Grove. Hardin Benskin Littlepage (1827-1860), son of Lewis’ brother Edmund, was raised at adjacent Retreat, but would move to Montgomery, Alabama in the late 1850s. . . .

[In the mid-1850s, Hardie] goes to school, attends church, runs errands, has a pet squirrel, helps his father, visits with friends and family. At twelve Hardie’s family had no way of predicting his exceptional future.

Click here for a full biography of Hardin Beverly Littlepage.

Learn about other members of the Littlepage family here: 1855 Lewis Littlepages

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