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December 24, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Houses: Locust Dale, Part IV

Thomas M. Agee. Courtesy Ruby Agee.

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The Brooks and Agee family were long intertwined at Locust Dale.  Slate River Ramblings follower Jeremy Winfrey offered this brief family history:

Vincent Reid Brooks Sr. (1781-1842), son of William Wilson Brooks (1742-1825) and Mary Gilliam, married Maria Susannah Agee, a daughter of Revolutionary soldier Jacob Agee (1756-1837) and Elizabeth Garrett (1763-1829) of Buckingham County, Va. Jacob was a son of James Agee Sr and Maria Ford (Faure), the first Agee couple to settle in Buckingham. In 1805, Vincent Reid Brooks bought approximately 200 acres from Agee, as well as the adjacent acres from James Ramsey, which included the dwelling house.

According to Jeremy, the couple had eleven children!

By 1900, Thomas M. “Merry” Agee, his wife Elizabeth G. “Lizzie” (Brooks), and their three children were living at Locust Dale with the Brooks family.  Merry Agee was the half-brother of my ancestor, John T. L. Woodson, and likely was helping his widowed mother-in-law manage the farm. The Agees were married in Buckingham County on November 18, 1887 and, in 1907, moved to Richmond, Virginia.  Sometime before 1910, they were joined by Lizzie’s siblings, Emma and Sidney L. Brooks, who had taught school in Buckingham.

In 1923, sisters Mattie and Emma still owned 134 acres, which included the dwelling house at Locust Dale.

1923 plat.  Courtesy Jeremy Winfrey.

Born on February 28, 1869, Martha Walker “Mattie” Brooks remained in Buckingham County and died in 1934 of a cerebral hemorrhage. She was just shy of sixty-five and may still have been teaching school. Her sister, Emma, reported her death and, on February 10, 1934, Mattie was buried at home at Locust Dale.

Martha W. Brooks, gravestone.  Courtesy Jeremy Winfrey.

Emma Brooks died in 1966 and was buried in Richmond, Virginia.

Emma Vincent Brooks, gravestone. Courtesy Jeremy Winfrey.


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