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March 18, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part X

Courtesy Daily Press.

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The May 10 article in Newport News’ Daily Press, expanded on the relationship between Mott Glover, Meade Hanes, and the girl of their mutual affection, a Miss Holman whose first name was still withheld. It recaps the details of the murder, expanding the story with new details. The article continued:

Young Hanes had been paying attention to a Miss Holman, a pretty and vivacious girl about 16 years old, or possibly younger, when Glover suddenly fell in love with her. Glover became so jealous that he made many efforts to make engagements with the girl, but in almost every instance she showed a preference for young Hanes.

It is reported that Glover had invited the girl to take a ride with him in his buggy about two weeks ago, but she refused saying she had promised to walk with Meade Hanes.

All the while Glover seemed in a jealous frenzy. It was while the boy’s father was attending a good roads meeting at Buckingham Courthouse that the tragedy occurred. Meade Hanes, with the assistance of a hired man, was engaged in plowing and cleaning up a field near his home. While he was cutting down some bushes, his companion saw a man approach on horseback and fire repeatedly at the boy. The boy fell, and his companion saw the man ride away. The hired man ran to notify the family, but the boy was dead before they arrived, three bullets having penetrated his back.

Glover went to Buckingham Courthouse and surrendered to the sheriff. Officers of the court then went to the victim’s father, who was then in the court room and told him his son had been killed.

The Daily Press did not hold back on the motive jealousy, claiming Mott Glover experienced an extended “frenzy” for a period of two weeks. Reported from Farmville, this was likely sensationalism rather than substantiated fact.

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