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April 22, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XV

Courtesy Times-Dispatch.

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Despite the excitement over the Glover-Hanes murder case, Richmond’s Times-Dispatch took a slight breather from the story on June 4, 1913, publishing this mundane news. Still, a reference to the crime was slipped in at the end of the article.


Conditions in Buckingham Sections Helped by Recent Rains.

[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]

Buckingham, Va. June 3. — The continued wet spell has enabled farmers to get a stand of tobacco, and the wheat, oats and grass crops have greatly improved, but on the lowlands there has been too much water for the corn crops, and they cannot be improved as yet by work.

Ashley Grigg, Jr., who had his leg broken while playing baseball, has been suffering severely since the accident.

The people of Dillwyn are arranging for a fair to be held there this fall. They are paving the sidewalks, and soon the new road from there to this place [Buckingham Court House] is to be built.

The County Farmers’ Union is to meet at this place on the next Saturday, and a special term of the Circuit Court is to be held here beginning June 19, when the case against Mott R. Glover, charged with killing young Meade Hanes, is set for trial.

On June 9, the newspaper expanded about the fair at Dillwyn:

There is much interest taken all over the county in the matter of the fair which will be held at Dillwyn next fall. A monster meeting for boosting purposes will be held at that town on June 18, and committeemen and others from every section of the county will be present to further arrangements for the fair. As Dillwyn is growing so rapidly, and as Buckingham County is improving to such an extent agriculturally, it is thought that this fair will be one of the greatest in every way ever held in this portion of Virginia. Preparations are now being made for and attendance reaching up into the thousands.

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