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August 26, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County, 1913, Part II

Hanes Chapel. Courtesy Historic Buckingham.

Need to catch up? Click here: Buckingham County, 1913, Part I

The September, 1913 article sent from Arvonia and published in Richmond’s Times-Dispatch continued its update on education in the county:

Prof. Harry T. Turner will be principal of the St. Andrews School, with Miss Mabel Swoope as assistant. In Marshall District, Miss Sallie Hanes will teach the Hanes Chapel School; Miss Minna Ehrhardt, of Powhatan County, the Alpha School, and Miss Bessie Virginia Mason, of Sussex County, the Penlan School. Misses Sallie and Cora Wood will again assume charge of the Texas Graded School, in James River District.

The Dillwyn High School will not open till September 22, with Professor James Alexander Hanna, a graduate of Washington and Lee University, as principal. The Buckingham High School will open on September 15, with Professor Warwick as principal, and three assistants, as usual, Miss Lily Alleen Shepard, of Cumberland County, will teach the River School.

Miss Marguerite Dunnavant of Enonville will teach the New Canton School, and Miss Ethel Tatum, the school at Snotty’s Gate. In Francisco District, Miss May Woody will teach the Andersonville School, and Miss Graham Trent, the Hooper School.

… Mrs. Robert FuQua (sic), of New Canton, will teach music in the Arvonia High School the coming session. She has already enrolled a considerable number of pupils in her classes. A room in the new building has been set apart for the special use of piano music.

In addition to having this useful list of teachers and principals, the newspaper article provides us with a list of schools operating in the county in 1913.

It is interesting to note that many teachers were hired from outside Buckingham County. Sallie B. Hanes is likely the aunt of Meade Hanes. You can read more about the family here:

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part III

Coming next: Buckingham County, 1913, Part III


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  1. Joanne Yeck / Sep 2 2021 1:11 pm


    I don’t know more about the Hooper School. Hopefully, another Slate River Ramblings follow does and comments.


  2. Kathy Clark / Sep 2 2021 9:36 am

    Does anyone know more about the Hooper School? I knew Graham Trent Chappel who lived in the New Store area a long time ago. She was a very sweet and kind person to us Kids. Anyway I would appreciate it if anyone knows more about the Hooper school

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