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May 19, 2022 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Murders of 1855, Part II

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Across April of 1855, this story of arson and the alleged murders of two young Buckingham County men, Dean and Chenault, peppered Richmond and regional newspapers.

On April 11, Richmond’s Daily Dispatch printed a report sent from a correspondent in Farmville, adding some thoughtful details about the young men.


FARMVILLE, April 10.

Dear Dispatch: ⸻ Information has just been received here, that the store house of Messrs. Moss & White, near Buckingham Court House, was burned on Sunday last, and two young men named Dean and Chenault, were burned in it.

The young men were in the habit of sleeping in the store, and the general impression is, that the store was entered by burglars, the young men murdered, and the building then fired.

The unfortunate victims were much beloved in the neighborhood of the residence, and the greatest excitement prevails on account of their inhumane murder.



Importantly, “C” stressed that the young men frequently slept in the store. If this was generally known, didn’t burglars risk getting caught? Were they taken by surprise, killing the two young men?

On April 13, the widely-read Richmond Enquirer caught up, re-printing this report as a front-page story. 

Coming Next: Buckingham County Murders of 1855, Part III

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