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November 6, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Gold: Alcinda Mine Today




An Act of the Virginia General Assembly passed on January 13, 1837 to incorporate the Alcinda Gold Mining Company. According to the Act, Charles S. Morgan purchased the entire interests of Thomas Eldridge, George W. Eldridge, Christopher Ford and others, in about six hundred and twenty acres of land.

Jan Kennedy, Slate River Ramblings reader, whose family now owns the land were the Alcinda Mine once operated, commented:

Our mine had a large, shallow depth pond or lake upstream of the sleuce or canal. The sleuce was about 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep. The partial dam and sleuce still exist. The sleuce is about 100 feet long with several cutouts which probably had adjustable wooden openings to vary the water to the undershot or over shot water wheels used to crush the rock from the mines shafts.

On the hill side above the sleuce, there are 3-4 mine shafts partially filled. About 35 years ago, there were large, left over rock piles, 15 feet high. They have been eroded or spread out due to amateur gold seekers. 


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  1. Joanne Yeck / Nov 6 2013 12:12 pm

    Thanks to Jan Kennedy, we can visual a bit of Buckingham’s past!

  2. mcmitton / Nov 6 2013 12:10 pm

    Wonderful description. I can also see the features from here.

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