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May 28, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Churches: 1863

Buckingham County: Mt. Zion Baptist

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Photo by Joanne Yeck

Beginning in 2013, I attempted to identify nineteen Buckingham County churches referred to (but not named) in Thomas Baldwin’s Gazetteer of the United States (1854). My final post, Buckingham Mystery: The 19th Church, contains links to the eighteen of the churches.

Less than ten years later, by 1863, there were at least two dozen churches and chapels identified on the map created by Charles E. Cassell. Lebanon Chapel is gone and Hanes Chapel has replaced its nearby predecessor, Stony Point. The map is incomplete. There are no churches, for example, identified at the Court House; yet, Maysville Presbyterian was constructed in 1838, making it one of the nineteen churches in Buckingham in 1854.
The list below, gleaned from the 1863 map, was contributed by Slate River Ramblings follower and Buckingham native, Ed Ayres, who has questioned a couple of hard-to-read names.
Bagby Church
Bethel Church
Buckingham Church
Cedar Church
Centenary Church
Chestnut Grove Church
Concord Church
Goosberry Church
Hanes Chapel
Jones Chapel
Liberty Church
Maple Church
Mountain Church
Mt. Zion Church
Mulberry Grove Church
[New Canton] Church
Presbyterian Church
Rocky Mt. Church
St. Peters Church
Saints All Chapel [?]
Salem Church
Sharon Church
Smyrna Church
Union [?] Church
Wesley Chapel


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  1. Hal Coleman / May 28 2015 8:37 am

    Enon Baptist was established in 1838 and existed before but was was called Mt. Tabor.

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