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December 15, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Famous Forbes Case of Buckingham County: Part LXI



A Letter to the Editor

On January 18, 1905, The Times-Dispatch printed a letter to the editor signed by E. C. Wooldridge:

Editor of The Times-Dispatch:

Sir, – During my confinement in the Prince Edward county jail I had the opportunity of observing the conduct and management of said jail and, taking all the circumstances into consideration, I am satisfied that there is no neglect of duty as to the management, sanitary conditions, &c. At the time of my confinement there were thirteen prisoners in jail, and there is scarcely a day that there are not from one to four incarcerated for petty offenses, of all classes, from the hobo to the city vagrant, and it is utterly impossible to keep it at all times free from objectionable companions, but it is certainly not from a lack of consideration, care and effort on the part of the officials, as each one of them is diligent to duty, kind, courteous and considerate to the prisoners, and I cannot see of any improvement that could be made, unless they were given additional room, means, &c.


E.C. Wooldridge

Forbes, Buckingham Co., Va.

January 16, 1905


Considering that the sanitation of the Farmville jail had been highly criticized, it was thoughtful of Cliff Wooldridge to write to the newspaper concerning his experience. His signature revealed that his mail was collected at the Forbes Post Office, reminding readers that he lived surrounded by the Forbes family and their many cousins.

Once married to a niece of John S. Forbes, Cliff Wooldridge bore the many burdens common to a self-made man. Resentment of his rise in power and wealth may have fueled the massive testimony against him.

Coming Next: R.D. Forbes Assaulted

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