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December 19, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Famous Forbes Case of Buckingham County: Part LXII


Buckingham Courthouse.  Photo by Joanne L. Yeck

R.D. Forbes Assaulted

The story of “The Famous Forbes Case” did not miss a beat. On January 19, 1905, The Times-Dispatch reported that the prosecution had asked for a continuance in the case of Charlie Forbes, due to the absence of two material witnesses. A continuance was granted and the new date for the trial was set for the third Monday in March. Charlie Forbes, who had been in jail since May, looked remarkably well when he appeared in court. His attorney requested bail and Judge Hundley agreed to consider the motion during his vacation.


On February 18th, The Times Dispatch featured a shocking front-page headline:

E.C. Wooldridge Again In Court

Arrested with Dan Wooldridge on Charge of Attacking R. D. Forbes

Dan Wooldridge was accused of assaulting R. D. Forbes, with intent to kill, and Cliff Wooldridge was charged as an accessory. They were indicted by the grand jury and brought to Farmville where judge Hundley allowed bail with Mrs. Wooldridge as surety. Apparently, some of Wooldridge’s animals trespassed on Forbes’ land, the cause of the alleged altercation.

Quoit wrote his opinion of the Forbes – Wooldridge altercation, which appeared on the front page of the Appomattox and Buckingham Times on February 22, 1904:

Deputy Sheriff Chas. D. McCraw arrested E. C. Wooldridge and his son, Dan, who stand jointly indicted and charged with assault, (Dan with making the assault and his father as an accessory) upon R. D. Forbes and Judge Hundley granted both bail, Mrs. Wooldridge justifying for them in the sum of $1000 to appear in court on the first day of the next term. Hon. E. W. Hubard suggested the accused being put under peace bonds and Mr. Wooldridge stated he thought it a very good plan if both parties were made to give bond, but as Mr. R. D. Forbes was not present Judge Hundley said application could be made afterwards to a Justice of the Peace.

There seems to be a lot of bad blood between the Forbes and Wooldridge families and the end of trouble for them seems distant. If these people could only do as Abraham and Lot did and one go to the right and the other go to the left and avoid these clashes, they might be happier.

This twist in the story disappeared from the headlines. Perhaps, the charges were dropped.

Coming Next: Peter A. Forbes

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