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February 27, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

 Buckingham County: 1910


In the May 20, 1910 issue of The Farmville Herald, correspondents contemplated what the census enumerators had learned about the population of Buckingham County and its neighboring counties or, from the point of view of Farmville, readers were interested in:

“News of Prince Edward and Adjoining Counties.”

From Sheppards.

May 17th, ’10 –

                Everybody is asking about the census figures, but the enumerators are forbidden to tell you how many people they found. Still we can form some sort of idea by referring to the figures as published in former years. We find that in 1880 Prince Edward had 14,668 people, in 1900, 15,045; a gain of 377. Cumberland in 1880 had 10,540 people, and in 1900, 8,996; a loss of 1,544. Buckingham had in 1880, 15,540 and in 1900, 15,226, a loss of 274. Now with these figures staring us in the face we ask what is the matter? How shall we induce emigrants to settle in our counties, and haw to keep her own young men from going away. My remedy is to make better roads and better schools. About the first question a prospective settler asks is: “what sort of roads have you? and how about the public schools?

From Buckingham [Court House].

                The census takers have been quite diligent in searching out the school population, and this census will have to be completed in May. The clerks of the district boards take this census for which they are paid three dollars for each 100 children.

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