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March 2, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: 1910


In the days when correspondents provided the news of Buckingham County to The Farmville Herald the often diverse tidbits both informed and amused. These were printed in the May 20, 1910 issue of the newspaper.

From Sheppards.

                Buckingham has six automobiles to Prince Edward’s three. And I heard it said that the two prettiest girls at the Normal [School] were Buckingham girls. So we can crow a little over Prince Edward even if you do beat us in some respects. . . .

                The new macadam road is alright throughout, and we feel when we drive over it that we are “almost persuaded” to wish we lived in Prince Edward.

From Buckingham [Court House].

                Strawberries and strawberry ice cream are the delicacies of the season and there is a bountiful of both, though the winter has been most too cold for one to want ice.

                Some garden truck was stung by the two frosts we had last week. . . .

                Our Arvonia people want a $10,000 high school building, and they are amply able to have it if they go to work about it in the right way. . . .

                The girlfriends of the Buckingham baseball team helped them in an entertainment here on the 10th and they made quite a neat sum to be spent in outfits for the ballplayers.

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