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May 11, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Elisha Z. Robertson, CSA

Elisha Z. Robertson headstone.  Photo by Jeremy Winfrey.

In addition to posting a photo of Elisha Z. Robertson’s headstone at Find-A-Grave, Slate River Ramblings reader Jeremy Winfrey has surveyed the Robertson family cemetery.

Elisha Z. Robertson (1830–1910) was the son of Elisha Robertson (1794–1871) and Mary Maxey Robertson (1795–1876).  His wife was Virginia (Bagby) Robertson (1837–1903).

The post at Find-A-Grave includes several hotlinks for other headstones in the Robertson family cemetery at Ransons, Buckingham County.  The family included:

 Siblings of Elisha Z. Robertson:

Elizabeth M Robertson (1823–1897)

Martha May Robertson (1824–1864)

George Edward Robertson (1826–1890)

Robert Nathan Robertson (1828–1878)

Amy Esther Robertson (1832–1895)

Mary Ellen Robertson (1837–1854)

Judith Catherine (Robertson) Winfrey (1838–1915)

Click here to see Elisha Z. Robertson’s headstone at Find-A-Grave.

Click here for more about the Robertson Family Cemetery.

Click here to view the Headstone Application for Elisha Z. Robertson.

Thanks to Jeremy for this and other posts at Find-A-Grave.

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