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May 15, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Runaway Slave Davy


In early 1850, Elisha Robertson of Buckingham County advertised in the Richmond Enquirer for a runaway slave named Davy.  Scars and an unusual smile were his distinguishing features.


RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 14th day of November last, a man named DAVY.  He is of a brown color, with a small scar on his forehead, and a scar on one of his anckles (sic), and about 5 feet, 8 or 9 inches high.  He is plain spoken and shows his gums when he laughs with wide upper teeth.  I will give the above reward if taken out of the county and secured in jail so that I get him again; or $15 if taken in the county.  Davy is probably about Lynchburg, on some of the mountain boats.  I understand he was seen in Lynchburg some few weeks ago.


Near Diana Mills, Buckingham county, Va.

Jan 29.

Runaway slave advertisements offer a unique window into the life of American slaves.  For more examples, search runaway at Slate River Ramblings.  In addition to Runaway Slave advertisements, enjoy the unusual post: “Runaway Wife.”

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