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July 31, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Fallsburg Mills: Part III

Miss Lulie Patteson

Courtesy Gordon G. Ragland, Jr., Maxey/Patteson Family Collection

In February of 2016, Slate River Ramblings readers were introduced to the thriving industrial complex that was once located at Fallsburg Mills.  Click on the links below to catch up.

For Sale: Fallsburg Mills

Fallsburg Mills: Part II


A recently discovered article written by Buckingham County historian Lulie Patteson for Charlottesville’s Daily Progress, contains more details about what was once a bustling “town.” Written in Miss Patteson’s unmistakable nostalgic style and published in 1958, her article begins:

RANSONS–about one mile west of Warren, on the south side of the James River, one can view some ruins which are growing less visible over the years.

The ruins are all that is left of the once-flourishing town of Fallsburg.

There now remains only the faint outlines of some of the brick buildings where long ago there was a great flour mill, five stories high, which manufactured and shipped large quantities of that commodity on the bateaux that plied up and down the James River and later on the Kanawha Canal.

THE MILL RACE which led the waters of the James some distance to the millwheel was walled with stone. The workmanship would have adorned any pretentious mansion.

Years ago, the writer stood in this immense walled ditch (it no longer carried the swirling waters through it) and tried in vain to get a picture of the stone work. Lately, the millrace has been clogged with debris almost removing the traces.

Coming next: Fallsburg Mills: Part IV

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