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July 4, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Rebuttals to an Inlet at Perkins’ Falls, Part III

Richmond Enquirer. Courtesy Virginia Chronicle.

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The citizens of Buckingham County were not satisfied with the suggestions printed in the Richmond Daily Whig and rebuttals continued in the pages of the Richmond Enquirer.

On September 3, 1844, the Enquirer printed to letters to the editor addressed to the Directors of the James River and Kanawha Company suggesting other locations for bridges connecting Buckingham County to Albemarle County and the canal.


To the President and Directors of the James River and Kanawha Company.

In the Whig of the 7th inst. is an article addressed to you, urging the establishment of an inlet to the canal from the Buckingham side, and recommending Perkins’ Falls as a suitable location; also, in the Whig of the 16th inst. is another communication recommending Scottsdale as a suitable location. While the subject is in agitation, I will suggest another point on the river viz: Fallsburg Mills as a suitable location for an inlet or bridge which is to be selected between New Canton and Hardwick’s. It being near the centre between the two places, it will accommodate a large district of the country, in which a large quantity of Tobacco and Wheat is produced. It would also be equally near to Hocker’s Mills as Warren Ferry or Perkins’ Falls — and a good deal nearer to Scottsville, the other place recommended and it has the advantage of a fine road leading to it on the Buckingham site, and the hill at the river very easy to ascend and descend. It is thought the bridge could be built at Fallsburg for a less some that at either of the other points; as timber and rock are very convenient, and the location being at the Falls, it will have a good foundation, and less liable to be washed away. The neighborhood of Hardwick’s is already accommodated with the ferry which carries over the produce, &c., to and from the canal at the company’s expense; and the lower section, between Slate River and James River, are accommodated at Bolling’s Landing, at a very small expense; while the middle section of Goodwin’s Church and surrounding country labor under great inconvenience and expense, in getting their produce to market. We hope you will do us the justice to fix the location of our inlet immediately, or make such arrangements with the owner of the ferry (until the bridge can be built) as has been made at Bent Creek, Hardwick’s and N. Canton.


Whig requested to copy.


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