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October 15, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Schools: Oak Grove Academy Incorporated

The Claiborne Home. Courtesy Virginia Currents.

In February of 1835, the Virginia General Assembly passed an Act establishing a new academy in Buckingham County. The following men were named as trustees: Thomas Trent, Thomas H. Flood, William Patteson, Thomas A. Legrand, Richard Stateham, David Robinson, Samuel J. Walker, Henry A. Christian, Mace C. Spencer, William Walton, William Stevens, Joel W. Flood, Willis P. Bocock, William D. Christian, William A. Jones, Joel Watkins, William Matthews, William Holland, Philip Watkins, Archibald Baldwin, and James M’Deeman.

That’s a lot of trustees!

These gentlemen and their successors were responsible for “any lands, tenements, rents, money, goods and chattels, of whatever kind so ever” that might be associated with the new Oak Grove Academy. Together they were to appoint a president, secretary, and treasurer, as well as engage tutors, a librarian, and any other officers that might be necessary to operate the new school.

Oak Grove Academy was located in the northeastern corner of Buckingham County, situated near the Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute and, for many years, was operated by John T. Claiborne.

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