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October 11, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County’s Poor, 1805-1820: Part VI

Buckingham County, Virginia, 1916.

Note Appomattox County adjacent, once part of Old Buckingham.

This series is based on Roger G. Ward’s abstracted images from “Buckingham County Virginia Loose Papers,” housed at Huntington Library in San Merino, California. A link to a PDF with his complete document can be found below.

Click here to catch up: Buckingham County’s Poor, 1805-1820: Part I

Image #48 contains records of the “Meeting of the Overseers of the Poor for Buckingham County at the courthouse June 2nd 1817.” The Overseers and their charity cases are listed by district. Remember this represents “Old Buckingham County,” the borders included much of what is today Appomattox County.

Stephen Chastain and Jesse Holeman were paid for the poor in their district, where there was a high concentration of women and children: Uriah Nixon, Dicey Meanley’s insane son, Tabitha Taylor’s children, Sarah Wooton, William Gressel, Elizabeth Taylor’s children, Sarah Anderson, Rachel Rutherford, Ann Puckett, Priscilla Beverly, Judith Sprouse, Elizabeth Loyd, Sarah Duncan and children, Rowland Sprouse, James Chenault, Jonathan Adcock, and Rebekah O’Briant.

Robert Moseley, in his district: James Falwell, John West, Mary Shaw, Mrs. Matthew’s two children, Rosa [?] Gillin and four children, Pleasant Warren, Nancy Faris, Betsey Quarles, and Marcum an old negro, as well as Pleasant Warren [for?] eight months of support.

James Tapscott, in his district: Mrs. Falwell, Mary Williams, Philip Moore, Nancy Staton’s children, and Joseph Goode.

Miles Gipson and R. Anderson, in their district: Rachel Rapier, John Porter’s 2 children, Mary Speed [?], Mary Henderson and children, Rebeckah Amos and children, as well as Salley and Polley McCormack.

William [?] Bagby, in his district: Nanny Day.

Joseph S. Dillard, his district: Sarah Curry, Gideon Via [?], Mary Williams, Charles Layne and wife, Adam and Moses Moses, Betsy Lewis, Finch Dean’s children, Nancy Faris, and Mary Smith.

John Flood, in his district: Patrick Smith and wife, Margaret Morris, Mrs. Murrain, Sarah Gunter.

Thomas Garnett, in his district: Mary Wright, Robert Scott’s children, Lucy Taylor, Robert Smiths children, and Dick, “an old negro.”

John Jones, in his district: Luch Edwards, Jemima and Magdalena Roberson, Tandy Shoemaker, and Barbara Lewellen’s children.

William Jones, in his district: Ann Elsom, Jemima and Magdalena Roberson, Elizabeth Harris, and Isaac Woodall.

Alexander Phelps was paid for his support of Nanny Day from November [1816] to June 2, 1817.  Is she the same Nanny Day in Bagby’s district?

Nathan Ayres was reimbursed for money furnished Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Brown [?].


Follow this link to Roger Ward’s complete transcription:

Buckingham County Virginia Loose Papers at Huntington Library San Marino, California.

Roger Ward’s invaluable volumes about Buckingham County are available at Iberian Publishing.

Learn much more about the history of Buckingham County’s poorhouses, see “Stewards of the Poor: Buckingham County’s Poorhouses” in “At a Place Called Buckingham” Volume Two.


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  1. mrsandreapotts / Oct 18 2018 9:47 am

    Thank you, Roger G. Ward, for sharing.

    • Joanne Yeck / Oct 18 2018 10:27 am

      I agree! He may be working on more transcriptions. Stay tuned. I have relied on his books for years!


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