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July 1, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Rebuttals to an Inlet at Perkins’ Falls, Part II


Richmond Daily Whig. Courtesy Virginia Chronicle.

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The proposal printed in the August 16, 1844 issue of the Richmond Daily Whig, suggesting Scottsville as a preferable for a bridge and access to the canal, continued as follows:

Fourth. To most persons living nearer Perkins’ Falls that Scottsville, and inlet at the latter place would be equally as convenient as at the Falls, for a large portion of them would, for the reasons here given, prefer shipping at Scottsville in either case; and the only difference would be, that in one case they would travel from Perkins’ Falls to Scottsville on the North side of the river — and in the other, the same or a less distance on the South. Scottsville is, I believe, as central to the district of country interested as Perkins’ Falls; at any rate, there cannot be much difference between the two places in this respect, is there distance apart is only three miles; and I would ask whether the advantages of Scottsville, as a place for selling or shipping produce would not far more than compensate for a trivial increase of distance?

Fifth. If the company build a bridge at Scottsville, that town would, I have been informed, be willing to contribute a considerable proportion of its cost, and the tolls received from the travel across it would perhaps more than repay the outlay for its erection. You are aware that there is a permanent line of stages between Scottsville and Staunton, and if a bridge were made, the travel from the South side thro’ Scottsville would doubtless be great, and increased still more, should the efforts now being made to get the Scottsville and Staunton Turnpike McAdamized meet with the success confidently anticipated by the advocates of that improvement.

Believing that you will give the subject your early and impartial attention, I would only remark further, that it is thought with good reason, that if all people in that portion of the county interested were applied to, far more signatures would be obtained to a petition in favor of Scottsville than any other location.


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