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October 3, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute 1856, Part II

Caroline Baker (Ellett) Littlepage with Lucy Littlepage, by John Toole (1815-1860)

Courtesy Louise Eichhorn Schroede and Virginia Historical Society.

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Caroline Littlepage continued to document her trip west on the James River. Like many before and after her, she enjoy viewing the countryside from the canal. Once she arrived at the Institute, she joined her daughter, Baker, and heard the opening remarks given by the esteemed Dr. John C. Blackwell.

Tuesday, 8th July, 1856

Feel as well this morning as I could expect. Enjoy the beautiful scenery a great deal. The farms & crops of corn, wheat, & tobacco are splendid, the most beautiful hills & deep ravines. ½ past six making preparations for breakfast, took breakfast seven o’clk, five miles below New Canton & sixty-six miles above Richmond. Arrived at New Canton, 9 o’clk where we took the stage for the Institute, arrived there at ½ past one. Baker is very agreeably surprised. Good many arriving at the Institute. Formed many acquaintances, heard the grades read in the Chapel by the professors this evening. Prayer & preliminary by President Blackwell.

Wednesday, 9th July, 1856

The weather has been cloudy for several days, which is favorable for the performance. The young ladies are getting ready to commence at ten o’clk. A nice dinner is prepared, dine at three, commence again at eight, & retire at ten.


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Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute, 1854

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