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October 7, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute 1856, Part III

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute.

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Caroline’s was a quick visit to Buckingham County but doubtless a satisfying one. She wrote:

Thursday, 10th July, 1856

The young ladies are getting ready for the commencement at nine o’clk. Saw Baker dressed before I started & took the stage for New Canton at nine o’clk. Arrived there at twelve. Left the stage & took a hack & rode a short distance to a hotel to dinner. We travelled over the rocks & dined at Mr. Stones; we thought it right funny. – – We all enjoyed our dinner, for we were hungry. We then took the hack to the canal, & took the packet boat John Early for Richmond at three o’clk. We have few passengers, & they are very agreeable. The ladies set upon deck this evening & it is so pleasant. Ellen & her Ma remain below, on account of the health of the former.


Following Caroline’s visit, financial troubles continued at Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute. During late 1856, they were cutting their faculty.

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