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May 18, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

A Bridge to Scottsville

Bird’s-Eye View of Scottsville, VA (James River).  Courtesy Raymon Thacker.

In 1901, the building of a bridge was proposed from Buckingham County across the James River to Scottsville. The March 20, 1901 issue of the Appomattox and Buckingham Times ran an article entitled “Progressive Old Buckingham,” describing the plans.

Last winter Senator Flood and Delegate Hubard secured the passage of the bill allowing the people of Slate River District to vote upon the question of issuing bonds for $2000 for the purpose of constructing an iron bridge over James River at Scottsville. The requisite number of signers having been secured, the position was presented to Judge Moss of the county court, at the last term, and his Honor has ordered an election to be held at Slate River District on April 16th next. If we are correctly informed about this bridge matter, the citizens of Buckingham generally are very much interested in its completion, or should be. The bridge at Scottsville is estimated to cost when completed between $12,000 and $15,000; the bridge Bremo, which has been a source of annoyance in the way of extorting toll, will become at the same time a free bridge. We do not know the value of the structure of Bremo, but it is certain that the C. & O. is anxious about the completion of the Scottsville bridge, for the Company has contributed liberally and also proposes to make the Bremo bridge free. These two magnificent and expensive structures are to be dedicated to the service of the people of Buckingham for the sum of $4000, $2000 of which sum is given by the county at large and $2000 by the taxpayers of Slate River District. If the election on 16thof April fails to vote the $2000, the county’s subscription will not be binding.

With the above facts before us, it would seem the part of wisdom for our people to extend the welcome hand to the developers and accept the bridges especially so since the cost is not made a factor of the problem. Good roads and free bridges increase the value of land, and invite home-seekerstoll bridges and bad roads retard progress and keep out settlers.

Finally, in 1907, a steel-girdered bridge from Buckingham County to Scottsville was completed.  How it was financed is currently unknown.

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