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September 9, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County, 1913, Part IV

The bridge at Scottsville, Virginia.  Courtesy Raymon Thacker.

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The lengthy article published in the September 8, 1913 issue of Richmond’s Times-Dispatch concluded with miscellaneous news from Buckingham County.

Real estate dealers are anticipating quite a demand on the part of Westerners for farms in this county this fall and winter, and are pressing to advertise especially for this class of settlers. The long, hot summer in the West, with a long drought, has served to bring forth many inquiries from farmers in the West as to the prices of lands in Virginia, where the temperatures this summer were comparatively low and seasons excellent.

Circuit Court convenes at Buckingham next week, with Judge Hundley probably back in his old place, he having largely recovered from his recent indisposition. A number of criminal cases, involving colored people, will come up either for trial or for some kind of disposition. There is the usual amount of chancery and other litigation to be disposed of.

People in this section are much interested in the proposition to bridge James River at Columbia. It is thought the scheme will be carried out without trouble, as to bridges within recent years have been built from Buckingham soil to the north side of the river, the bridges at Scottsville and Howardsville, both tremendously advantageous to both Buckingham and Albemarle Counties. These two bridges, together with the railroad bridge at Bremo Bluff, upon which all kinds of traffic is allowed, and the county bridge at Winginia, make an almost perfect connection of Buckingham County with the railroad on the northern side of the river.

Readers will recall that, due to illness, Judge Hundley was not involved in the case concerning the murder of Meade Hanes. Click here to learn more about his life and work: EXTRA: Judge George Jefferson Hundley

Click here to learn more about bridges connecting Buckingham and Albemarle counties: Buckingham County to Scottsville: A Bridge to Scottsville

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