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October 1, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute 1857, Part IV

James River at New Canton, Buckingham County. Photo by Joanne Yeck.


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Soon, Caroline and Hardie began the long trip home to Woodbury in King William County, Virginia.

Thursday, 9th July, 1857

The day is very pleasant. We took the stage at eight o’clk for New Canton. Arrived there at eleven & became so tired waiting for the packet that we crossed the river & procured some fishing poles & amused ourselves fishing in the canal. Hardie is quite a nice little escort. We have Miss Gildermeister, one of the teachers, & Miss Carson along with us. The boat arrived at three.

Caroline continued the next day:

Friday, 10th July, 1857

We arrived in Richmond at six o ‘clk took a hack to Mrs. Terry’s, got our breakfasts & shoped (sic) till ten, then took a hack to Mr. Hanes; found all very well & much pleased to see us. Engaged the hackman to come for us on Monday.

On July 11, Caroline was enjoying the company of daughter Mary’s “two sweet interesting children.” Mary was the wife of Garland Hanes, Jr. According to Bibb Edwards, “Her husband’s father was a prosperous farmer, successful Whig politician, and Richmond public official. Garland, Sr. lived at Edgewood, situated just north of Richmond on a road between Brook Turnpike and Meadowbridge Road, today’s Ladies Mile Road.”

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