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October 8, 2020 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute 1857, Part V

 Caroline’s Journal, 1855-1858. Courtesy Bibb Edwards.

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On July 14, Caroline Littlepage was finally back home at Woodbury in King William County, writing:

Wednesday, 15th July, 1857

We certainly have had more wet weather this summer than ever was known before. – – I find upon investigation that Liv had been a fine housekeeper everything is in complete order. A nice parcel of butter made, & every thing else well attended to. – – He & Hardie find in returning from the oat field this evening that two of the mules are drowned. . . . The mules we judge must have been drowned last Saturday evening after the rain, which came in torrents & swept every thing before it. Carried away whole lines of fence not leaving a rail behind.

Liv is Caroline’s son, Lewis Livingston Littlepage.

On July 16, 1857, Caroline wrote in her journal that the trip to Buckingham County had taken a toll on her: “I don’t think I shall get over my trip for a fortnight. I never suffered so from fatigue of travelling.”


Today, Caroline Littlepage’s 1857 visit to Buckingham County and the Female Institute would take only a few hours by car. She reminds us of the effort that went to such a trip, not to mention the excitement a jar of pickles could generate!


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Also, consult “A Noble Idea: Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute,” my book, “At a Place Called Buckingham.”


Many thanks go to Bibb Edwards for creating the wonderful Caroline’s Journal. It continues to be a unique and fascinating resource for those interested in everyday life in 19th-century Virginia!

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