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May 13, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XVIII

Dr. Albert S. Priddy, 1912.

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On June 20, the Times-Dispatch announced that a special court was held in Richmond to assess the sanity of Meade Hanes. The article, sent from Buckingham, began:

Judge R. Carter Scott, of Richmond, opened the special term of the Circuit Court here today and appointed Dr. Drewry, Dr. A. S. Priddy and Dr. Beverly P. (sic) Tucker to inquire into the mental condition of Mott R. Glover, who is charged with the killing of Meade Hanes on May 5. This commission is to report to the Circuit Court of Buckingham on the sixth day of August. If Glover is adjudged sane he will be tried at the August term of court.

These appointed doctors were well-known and influential experts in the field of clinical psychology. Much more to come about their backgrounds and practices.

On June 21, the Daily Press expanded on the story with a report from Dillwyn, running this headline,


The description of Meade Hanes was particularly poignant:

The murder of young Hanes, who was a popular and quiet boy, well beloved by the citizens of the community in which he lived, was considered one of the most brutal crimes that has occurred in Buckingham County in many years.

The article ended by repeating the notion that insane jealousy was the motive for the murder.

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