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May 20, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XIX

Senator Sands Gayle. Courtesy Wikipedia.

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In mid-July, A “Commission in Lunacy” was held at Buckingham County’s courthouse to determine the mental condition of Mott Glover. The examiners involved were identified as: Drs. Pirddy, Drewry and Tucker.

On July 13, the Times-Dispatch reported various Buckingham news items, including an update on the hearing:

Buckingham, Va, July 12. — Sen. Sands Gayle has been confined to his home for several weeks by sickness but is much improved.

Dr. L. G. Morris has purchased a new auto and is using it to make the rounds of his country practice.

George W. Patteson of Manteo, enjoyed his trip to Gettysburg to full extent. He met many of his comrades of the Civil War and also made the acquaintance of northern veterans who were exchanging courtesies and hospitable to him.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellis and children, of Alabama, are spending some time in this county.

Buckingham peoples are awaiting with anxiety the action of the State Board of Education in deciding who shall be division superintendent of schools for this county.

Plummer F. Jones, the incumbent, is a candidate for re-election, and is opposed by John A. Tyman, who held the position before Mr. Jones was appointed.

Circuit Court convenes an extra session here on August 6, at which time the commission composed of Drs. Priddy, Tucker and drury (sic) will report to the court their opinion as regards mental condition of Mott R. Glover.

For more about Plummer F. Jones, search the archive at Slate River Ramblings.

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