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May 27, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XX

Courtesy Times-Dispatch.

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Finally, on July 25, 1913, Richmond’s Times-Dispatch had something meaty to report about the case against Mott R. Glover. The headline ran: GLOVER BROUGHT TO HENRICO JAIL. The article opened with this update:

In order that the examination into his mental condition can be completed, Mott Robertson Glover, slayer of the sixteen-year-old Meade Hanes, was brought to Henrico County Jail yesterday from Buckingham where he has been incarcerated since the day of the tragedy. Local witnesses were examined by the commission of lunacy on July 16 at Buckingham Courthouse, but it was considered best to bring the accused to the city to make the personal tests.

Glover stands charged with the murder of young Hanes, which was one of the most brutal killings in the annals of Buckingham. The murder occurred May 5, and is said to have been caused by jealousy, it being the general opinion that Glover shot Hanes, whom he considered his rival in love. No other cause of animosity can be discovered.

Hanes together with a farm hand was working on his father’s farm when a man came up on horseback and opened fire on the defenseless youth. Three of five bullets struck the boy and penetrated vital parts. Death was almost instantaneous. Following the shooting Glover rode to Buckingham Courthouse, where he sought out the sheriff and surrendered. Feeling ran high and many threats of violence were made.

Judge Scott Appoints Commission.

Judge R. Carter Scott, of Henrico Circuit Court, was appointed to hold the June term of the Buckingham Circuit Court, and on representation by counsel that their client was insane ordered a commission of lunacy held.…

Glover is said to be indifferent to his fate, but his family has employed the best legal talent available. Among those who appeared for the defense of the first hearing of the commission were Congressman Hal Floyd and Moon & Pitts. Sen. Gayle, who has also been retained, has been seriously ill. Commonwealth’s Attorney Hubard is being assisted in the prosecution by Aubrey E. Strode.

This is the first mention of Moon & Pitts joining the defense. Frank C. Moon, of Lynchburg and Snowden in Buckingham County, is a familiar figure at Slate River Ramblings. Follow this link obituary to read his obituary: Buckingham Notables: Frank C. Moon.

Coming Next: Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XXI

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