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June 17, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Crimes: The Murder of Meade Hanes, Part XXIII

Courtesy Alexandria Gazette.

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And so the long-awaited trial began. On August 11, 1913, Evie Clyde Holman calmly took the stand. Perceived to be the “cause” of the death of her neighbor Meade Hanes, she must have felt enormous pressure, still grieving the boy’s death. The Alexandria Gazette reported:

Buckingham, Va., Aug. 11. — In the trial of Mott R. Glover, for the murder of young Meade Haynes (sic), which is now in progress, the most interesting witness today was Miss Evie Clyde Holman, a pretty girl of some fifteen summers, who was admired by the slain youth and by the slayer. Miss Holman made an excellent witness for the prosecution and what she told of having taken place prior to the killing went to show that the accused was very jealous of his rival. Cross-examination failed to shake her testimony in the least.

The commission of insanity experts have pronounced Glover sane at the present time, the effects of the defense seem to be bent on proving him insane at the time he killed young Hanes, and one of the most pathetic sights imaginable was when the defendant’s aged father and mother took the stand and told of things which have taken place in their home life and which they thought tended to show their son of unsound mind.

The accused sits in the courtroom rolling a handkerchief on his knee, smiling occasionally at some amusing happening and at other times in tears at what is being said of him.

The prosecution, having established the fact of the killing, is now trying to prove that jealousy was the cause and that the accused was sane at the time.

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