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June 24, 2021 / Joanne Yeck

The Murder of Meade Hanes: Glover’s Insanity Plea . . . Coincidence or Inspiration?

Evelyn Nesbit

In the summer of 1906, Americans were shocked at what was dubbed the “crime of the century” — millionaire Harry K. Thaw’s cold blooded, public murder of architect Stanford White. Thaw was in a jealous rage over his wife’s previous relationship with White. Mrs. Thaw was the beautiful internationally known celebrity Evelyn Nesbit. Thaw’s insanity plea was successful and he was spared the death sentence.

When the sensational trial filled newspapers across America, Mott Glover would have been about twenty-four years old, could have been engrossed in the crime, and bewitched (as many men were) by Evelyn Nesbit, who was approximately his age.

Did Evie Holman stir thoughts of the famous Evelyn?  Even their names were similar!

Had Mott believed that Thaw was justified in killing White?

Curious about Evelyn Nesbit’s nightclub career and Chicago during the Roaring Twenties? Learn much more about the life of Evelyn Nesbit in my book, The Blackest Sheep: Dan Blanco, Evelyn Nesbit, Gene Harris and Chicago’s Club Alabam, at my author website: Joanne L. Yeck.

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