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July 7, 2022 / Joanne Yeck

The Maxey Family of Buckingham County, Part IV

Courtesy Daily Progress

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In August 1958, Buckingham County historian Lulie Patteson wrote an article for Charlottesville’s Daily Progress entitled “Buckingham Has Pioneer Dwelling That Maxey Built.” Her story begins as follows:

From far and near the Maxey clans gathered at Lakeside Park, Roanoke, Sunday for their annual reunion and picnic.

The Buckingham County clan also claims a part of the long history of Maxeys in this country.

Records left by Walter Maxey, who lived in Bedford County when George III was king of England, verify that the Maxey clan had belonged to the country’s pioneer bands. Walter Maxey is said to have more than 600 descendants. In North Carolina, there are living some of the sixth generation of Edward Maxey, who was also one of the early settlers.

Several hundred of these descendants attended Sunday’s reunion. Others sent messages. There were representatives from Texas, California and Washington State in the west; from southern and central states; New York and the Atlantic coastline, and from Japan, where one of their number serves as a missionary.

Coming Next: Maxey Family of Buckingham County, Part V

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