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July 14, 2022 / Joanne Yeck

The Maxey Family of Buckingham County, Part V

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In 1958, Charlottesville’s Daily Progress printed an article entitled “Buckingham Has Pioneer Dwelling That Maxey Built,” written by Buckingham County historian Lulie Patteson. In it, she described the Maxey homestead on Muddy Creek, by then owned by O. B. Maxey. Like Elizabeth McCraw before her, Miss Lulie marveled at the ancient dwelling and offered an alternate version of the loss of the original Royal Land Grant.

One of the early homes of the Maxey family is the home of O. B. Maxey in Buckingham. Another is in Powhatan County.

The O. B. Maxey home stands on the slope of the north side of Muddy Creek, near where the creek empties into the Slate River. The family says the home is 200 years old or more. The original grant was in the family for many years but probably was misplaced in the upheaval when the home was remodeled some years ago.

This house has four rooms — two large ones downstairs into low-pitched ones upstairs. There is also a kitchen and a dining room, which were later built onto the original house.

The main house has great sills put together with eight-inch shop-made spikes. The sleepers are all of heroic proportion compared to buildings today.

Two hundred years is probably a conservative estimate of the age for the house since there were many pioneer homes scattered through forests and beside streams long before Buckingham was cut off from Albemarle in 1761.

There is proof that the Maxey home in Buckingham was built in a forest. When it was remodeled, it was necessary to go under the house. There workers found stumps of trees, firm and sound as they were when cut down. No doubt the great rock hearth in one of the downstairs rooms sent out enough heat to dry the air beneath the house and thus keep the stumps from rotting.

The staunch, dependable character of so many of our forefathers and their families so often is reflected in the homes they built and left for their children to inherit.

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