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July 8, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Rebuttals to an Inlet at Perkins’ Falls, Part IV

Richmond Enquirer. Courtesy Virginia Chronicle.


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The next letter in the Richmond Enquirer read as follows:

To the Directors of the James River and Kanawha Company.

We see in the Whig of the 7th a communication directed to you, urging the importance of an inlet to the Canal. We think that it is high time the inlet was made, for we have suffered long enough; but we cannot agree that Perkins’ Falls, is the most central place, nor do we think that the majority of the farmers wish it to be put at Perkins’ Falls — although some few, immediately interested in Perkins’ Falls, have been zealous in getting up a memorial, and have produced a number of signatures. We have never seen the memorial, and it certainly ought to have been presented to us for we reside nearer Perkins’ Falls than some persons whose names we hear are on the memorial — and, if we have been rightly informed, the signers of the memorial hail from the neighborhood of Bent Creek, Slate River and the low end of the county. Allow the inlet to be made at Perkins’ Falls, and you have no accommodations; the country will be taxed to make roads there. We see no necessity for this. In all common sense we have taxes enough to bear — Why not have the inlet that Warren Ferry, where all would be benefited; were good roads are already made on both sides of the river? — We firmly believe, if the vote was taken at the Court-house, Warren Ferry would get two to one. We have never troubled you with a memorial — knowing that the routes have been surveyed, and having full confidence that you would cause the inlet to be made where it would most promote the interest of the farmers and the canal.

We also see a communication signed “Buckingham,” setting forth the claim of Scottsville, as a place possessing many advantages to the traveling community, and farmers of the county; stating that they can at all times find ready sales for their produce, and in return get groceries, &c,. as cheap as they can be purchased in Richmond — deducting toll, freight, &c. Now, this may be true; but why make us travel so far from the direct route, when we can do as well in Warren? Let the bridge be put at Warren Ferry, and we can sell every bushel of wheat raised in the country and the town of Warren. The Warren mill is in full operation, and we can do as well with our wheat there, as we could do with it and Scottsville, when sold, we can get the money, and procure our groceries and other family necessities in Warren, as cheap as they can be purchased in any town this side of Richmond.



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